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Shortly About the Recording Studio

My name is Braňo Valko. My life has been closely connected with music since I was a child. My passion to create music resulted in 2004 with establishing my own recording studio. Since then I have composed 2 own musicals and more then 100 theatre performances (in my own direction). In addition to my own work I also recorded choirs, ghospels, classical music, folklore,country but also brass band music. However my most favourite ones are composing music for the movies and scenes.

In 2005 I was working with camera for the first time and from that time I started also the movie production. I have professionally grown in 2007, thanks to the cooperation with TV NOE (Czech Republic). Because of this opportunity people all around the world can see the movies and listen to the music which were recorded in my studio. I am mostly recording non-commercial movies. I have filmed different projects also in other countries e.g. Czech Republic, Italy, Izrael, Belgium and Germany. Since 2008 till 2011 I win four awards in International Festival of Good News in Ostrava.

My colleagues are:
Ing. Marek Kotian – sound
Ing. Imrich Gaplovský – graphic design
Juraj Grom – JG MUSIC – sound and lights
Valéria Tunegová (Paris – France)– production, French speaking clients, translations into french language
Christophe Corvaisier (Paris – France) – amera, director’s cut, production
Mgr. Andrej Richter – German speaking clients, translations to german language
Dorotea Valková – photographic design
team TV NOE(Ostrava – Czech Republic)

We are glad, that we can do what we like to and that we can give happiness and peace to others too.

Hudba, zvuk

  • creation of studio recordings and projects for music bands, choirs and solo performers
  • reation – composing of music
  • film music
  • music for theatre projects and musicals
  • music for advertisments
  • recording of oral performance
  • transcription of audio recordings from the old disc and cassette tapes and records to CD
  • music production for weddings, family reunions, graduations, cultural events
  • working with sound – mastering

Film and video

  • Making movies - travelogues, documentaries, educational - educational movies, presentation movies towns and villages, video presentations of companies and projects, video
  • promotional video spots and clips on large screens
  • movie theater productions and musicals with multi-camera, live projection
  • video weddings, family celebrations, graduations
  • aerial shots - aerial photography and video
  • transcription of old films from cinema films, video tapes and slides to DVD

Graphic design

All the visual stimuli around the world we see can affect our behavior. If you are looking for graphically processed, professionally printed, or you want to create an ad campaign or want go visibility through the web presentations - our team of professionals will prepare a means of visual communication exactly as needed.

  • Marketing materials, catalogs, flyers
  • accidential stationery
  • corporate identity, logo
  • DTP
  • outdoor advertising
  • webdesign, weshops

We are able to meet your demand in any given area.

Sound, Lighting

Sound and lighting of interiors and exteriors - concerts, festivals, theater performances, exhibitions, markets,…


  • Alles projekten
  • Music
  • Graphic design
  • Film and video
  • Logos
  • Webdesign
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